Graphic Design


‘Tuning Up’ Brochure – Cork County Council   Graphic Design | Illustration

I provide a full range of traditional graphic design services: brochures, posters, stationery, signage, books – if it’s to be printed I can design it. To see some samples, click here.


Woyzeck (200x)
‘Woyzeck’ poster illustration – Corcadorca Theatre Company

If stock photography isn’t your thing, you might consider commissioning some bespoke illustration. Combining traditional drawing skills with digital technology, It can add a truly creative edge to your enterprise.


infographic2 UCC Academic Calendar infographic – UCC Academic Secretariat Semesterisation Project

mindmapMindmap Infographic – private client

Infographics is the visual representation of data. This is not just the injection of a bit of colour into a boring set of numbers; It is the bringing of those numbers to life, allowing your audience to share the meaning of your data in a way that promotes the understanding of its impact.

Logo Design/Branding design

BJS Logo Logo suite – BJS Consulting Engineers

Your logo is more than just a decoration on the top of your letterhead; it’s shorthand for everything you say and everything you do. It stands in for you when you’re not around to sing the praises of your enterprise. It is the fulcrum of your business: the point about which everything else revolves. In other words its importance to your success cannot be overemphasised. If you would like to know more about how I can create or revive your company logo please drop me a line.

logo design samples


Screen shot 2011-07-07 at 10.38.43Hilary Rose website –  Portfolio website for this gifted actor, writer and DJ.

see more websites here

Design for web developers

Are you a gifted programmer with the visual sensibilities of a blind naked mole rat? Perhaps I can help. If your own visuals are letting your programming down, I can provide a full range of graphic services from initial visual concepts to fully developed sliced, layered artwork files, font and CSS specifications, all tailored to your needs:

Presentation visuals

Icon design

Header design based on client branding

font specifications

Legal Graphics

Legal Graphics

Cork City Courthouse



Southern Law Association



Finbarr Murphy Solicitors website, logo design and stationery


Anne L. Horgan & Co. Visual identity – Logo design, signage, stationery

Design services for the legal profession

Part of my youth was misspent in the pursuit of a BCL degree. While the legal profession was spared my presence, I have retained an interest in and understanding of the particular needs of the legal profession. Like a lot of the work of the lawyer, graphic design is about communication, advocacy and persuasion; and the work of the graphic designer often leaves me privy to commercially sensitive and other confidential client information.

Legal Graphics

Law firm logo design and branding

Web Design

Charts, presentation graphics and legal infographics

Document layout

Large format and oversized documents

Powerpoint Presentations